I am defending

Against polluted city streets

The story so far...

Hi, I’m Mini Mighty Me!

In a nutshell… I’ve been created to help shield your little ones from environmental toxins, with ingredients to boost immunity and carry impurities safely out the body!

Packed with vitamin C and vitamin E from organic sea buckthorn berries and dragon fruit, I will help protect those little cells from unwanted oxidative stress and provide a healthy dose of antioxidants in a yummy apple juice base.

At my Mini Mighty core, my not- so- secret ingredient is activated coconut charcoal, designed to pull out even the nastiest of pollutants.




So what exactly gives Mini Mighty Me his super powers?

The star ingredient in the Mini Mighty Me shot is activated coconut charcoal, with a measured dose in each 100ml bottle. This fine, black powder exerts its health benefits by trapping positively charged toxins in its tiny negatively charged pores, and then escorting them out the body via the intestines.

The other Mighty ingredients are organic sea buckthorn berry, organic dragon fruit and organic apple juice, which have a huge concentration of minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin C and E. This antioxidant can help to repair and protect cells, boosting overall immunity in the body.

Coming to help little heroes near you!

Mini Mighty Me is currently available to order from our own Purearth website, or to buy from one of our stockists. Soon to come.

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Find out what the press are saying about activated coconut charcoal’s super powers. Click the links below to read more. (Coming soon)